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Reviews for Our Septic Tank, Sewer & Drain Servicess

Septic tank draining, Roanoke, VA

"Highly recommend! Thank you!"

"Chad was great - I called and he was there in less than an hour. Took care of my septic and tested the pump and floats afterwards. Highly recommend! Thank you!"

Lisa Ann Kelly

April 28, 2018

"Very quick to respond to our needs."

"I had a great experience with this company. Very quick to respond to our needs and worked well with our schedules. We were doing repairs to some plumbing ourselves to help save some money. Chad gave us great advise that made our job go a lot quicker. Couldn't be anymore thankful!"

Rebecca Lee

January 21, 2018

"On time and very reasonable."

"I called Chad on Thursday morning and he was here Friday morning to help us out. He was on time and very reasonable. Thanks!"


Jonathan Rhea

January 12, 2018

"Give them a call for all your septic needs."

"We moved into our dream home 2 weeks ago, still unpacking and working on our "old house", stressed and tired. We were doing laundry as our granddaughter enjoyed the big tub. As the water drained the toilet started burping. I've never seen that before! We try to flush, it tries to overflow. As do all of the commodes in the house. The drains are playing a tune and I go to the garage to find water filling it from the drain. As the night goes on the water softener starts and that drain backs up too. Of course it's Sunday going into Labor Day in a new house with plumbing that doesn't drain. I call Sink Septic on Monday after trying every 24/7 emergency service ad on Google (all taking the day off). The man is also off but after hearing my tale of woe says no problem, I'm on the way! Music to my ears!! He drove from Fincastle to South Roanoke, pumped out the septic, unclogged the line, and recommended that we replace the pipe which is a tight turn, sure to cause future problems. And while they are doing that they can help us with the trees planted all around the septic whose roots are also quite risky to the septic system. I could have hugged him! Plus he will be the one to ready our other house for closing! Pleasant, educational, efficient, and my hero for the day! Give them a call for all of your septic needs! "


Jackie Porter 

September 4, 2017